This is an unputdownable Victoriana adventure with characters that are vivid and most refreshing in their portrayal of gender roles … A real edge-of-your-seat romp that travels with lightning speed.
This is a terrific adventure that takes place on sky-ships, and is resplendent with sapient creatures, thought wolves, and a vindictive villain. Young readers who aren’t yet ready for Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials will enjoy this story.
— M.G.Leonard author of Beetle Boy
Great adventure with brilliant lack of gender stereotypes.
— Emily Drabble - Booktrust

Heartwarming, mysterious, exciting

Year 5 child review

Brightstorm is a rip roaring adventure stuffed to the cogs with steampunk charm. This brilliant new book introduces us to an exciting new world full of skyships, sapient creatures, brave explorers and the wickedest nastiest baddie that you will just LOVE to hate!
— James Nicol - Author of The Apprentice Witch
A scintillating, spectacular, spirited and special debut –
the right kind of adventure… one that’s really going to go down a (Bright)storm!
— The Reader Teacher
Brightstorm is what you get if you mix A Series of Unfortunate Events with Northern Lights and Around the World in 80 Days, and give it a steampunk twist. Quirky characters, sky ships and sapient animals form the basis of an epic and fantastical action adventure story and an exhilarating journey of a lifetime.
— Zarina de Reiter - Page to Stage Reviews

In print reviews:

Combining the inventiveness of Northern Lights with the excitement of around the world in Eighty Days.
A Bear Grylls meets Blue Planet adventure.
— SMALLISH Magazine MARCH '18
Adventure awaits in this cracking book by Vashti Hardy.
— CITY KIDS Magazine MARCH '18
Hardy’s debut is a highly entertaining old-school adventure.

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You’ll all want to set sail on this glorious adventure with sky-ships, thought wolves and the irrepressible Arthur and Maudie. An absolute winner of a MG book brimming with excitement and friendship. I loved it!
— Lorraine Gregory Author of Mold and the Poison Plot
A stunning new world, one which is easy to get lost in, and one in which I would love to join them on an expedition.
— The Bookish Outsider
This is such a joyful, magnificent read, that totally entranced me from the very first page and captivated me till the very last page. The characterisation is just flawless, Vashti has assembled the most interesting and engaging cast of characters... An exceptional story, beautifully told.
— Book Lover Jo
What a ride! This is a great story for ‘middle grade’ readers full of amazing inventions, an exciting adventure, a pair of brave and clever twins, helpful animals and a heartless enemy. With added air ships.
— Bookworm Mum
If you like middle grade adventure, you need to read this. Hardy is a strong debut author & a wonderful new voice.
— Louise Nettleton - Book Murmuration
There is mystery and wonder, bold adventure for both twins and a lot of warmth at the heart of the whole story. You breeze through thirty-one chapters, barely aware of the 343 pages passing below
— K.M. Lockwood
This pacy adventure will keep you up past your bed chime as you race along with the crew of the Aurora in their attempt to reach South Polaris first. With giggles and tears along the way, it’s an adventure you won’t forget in a hurry. With flying ships, psychic wolves, family secrets and a stunning villainess, Brightstorm is a thrilling middle-grade adventure that is perfect for fans of Cogheart and readers who may be a bit too young for His Dark Materials and Mortal Engines.
— A.J. Avery
Eudora Vane, the dastardly villain who would give Dolores Umbridge a run for her money, is the perfect adversary.
Brightstorm is a brilliant MG adventure story. I loved the characters, from the twins to their captain Harriet and even the dastardly villains intent on beating them. The plot is fast-paced and full of twists and I was honestly hooked until the last page.
— My Little Library in the Attic