Vashti surpassed all expectations when she opened our new Library. She took time to get a feel for us as a school and give a genuine and authentic presentation for the children and parents. Her teaching experience was clear, as she caught children’s attention immediately and took them on a creative journey, where they learnt that ‘imagination is their superpower’. We cannot thank you enough, Vashti!
— T Pearson, Sion School

School & Festival Events

(Suitable for ages 7 - 12)

Author Talk


The author talk covers the childhood inspirations behind becoming a lover of fantasy story worlds and the journey to author. I'll introduce the students to the stories of WILDSPARK and BRIGHTSTORM and includes some inspirational inventors and explorers in history, and how when you create a world you can challenge gender stereotypes. During the talk, we'll see how whole worlds can spring from asking one big 'what if?' question, and I'll share some of my writing tips for children, including how much of the writing process includes other creative activities such as map making, soundtracks and using images.

Wildspark & Brightstorm Creative Writing Workshops


Vashti offers  creative writing workshops which are focused on empowering all the children to believe in themselves as storytellers and devised to enable participants to discover the power of storytelling and build confidence, especially in those children who don't see themselves as being 'good' at writing.

FAntasy map worldbuilding Workshop (helpful for story planning skills and making everyone feel they can access writing)

  • Introduction to Brightstorm/Wildspark and a little about how I started writing and what sparked the story idea. I’ll show the children the original maps I drew for Brightstorm/Wildspark and demonstrate how maps can be used to help plan a story with an example from Brightstorm.

  • Children draw their own fantasy maps for a journey imagining a fantasy setting not yet discovered by humans…

  • We’ll be thinking about what creatures they might met on the way, the natural dangers, the change of climate etc.

Teacher CPD or Writing Based Workshops for Adults

Events suitable for teachers or emerging writers of children's fiction are also possible, as well as events specific to developing teachers' confidence in teaching creative writing and increasing their skillset. Please contact Vashti for details.


I charge fees in line with the standard Society of Author’s rates.


If you would like to invite me to an event in your school, library, festivals and INSET days, please get in touch via the form below or email, or to take part in a festival then please contact Harriet Dunlea at Scholastic

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